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2022 Spring Sportswear Trends

Staying up to date with the biggest activewear trends for 2022 provides you with the opportunity to update your workout wardrobe with the hottest looks of the season. Looking your best on your field of choice can help to foster a winning attitude, whether you’re an avid golfer or a volleyball fanatic. From retro throwbacks to sleek velvet activewear, the athletic wear trends for 2022 are transforming sportswear into something sexy and versatile. We’ve highlighted the top trends of the upcoming seasons. Take a look at some of the brightest standouts.

A Retro Take

Striped retro-style Chelsea shorts

Retro looks are everywhere for the coming seasons, so it’s no surprise that retro-inspired sportswear will be one of the prevailing activewear trends for 2022. For the world of athletic wear and athleisure, that means a return to short shorts, ringer tees, striped accents, and hoodies that perfectly match your bottoms – and maybe your sneakers, too. 

This trend is fun and playful at heart, and it’s perfect for spring and summer. You can mix and match your shorts and hoodies, which are as comfortable on the golf course as they are on the beach. Make the most of this trend by letting your personality shine through and adding your own modern twists to the throwback look.

Bold, Bright Colors

Here’s a trend that works seamlessly with the retro looks making a comeback: unapologetically vivid colors. Hang onto your pastels and your neons. They still deserve a place in your activewear rotation. However, dramatic primary hues and vivid colors can round out your workout wardrobe. This is another athletic wear trend that’s rather fun, as it gives you the opportunity to play with colors and make a splash on the local running trails or your favorite green. Shades of red, including burgundy and vibrant orange red, are particularly on-point, but green, blue, yellow, and orange might inspire you to get more active, too.

Sporty in Velvet

Believe it or not, velvet is shaping up to be a popular activewear trend in 2022. Who knew? To be sure, it’s not a practical choice for the entire year or for every activity, but in some instances, it’s both smart and stylish. Velvet sports bras, crop tops, and moisture-wicking shirts are chic but sensible for jogging, especially in early spring and late fall. Similarly, velvet is a wise choice for activities that take place outdoors. If you fancy wearing velvet leggings, try them out on the golf course, your go-to running trail, or yoga in the park, especially on chilly mornings or early evenings. You can make it work if you always remember to dress for your activity. Velvet may not work on the basketball court or in the gym, but it has its place in the coming seasons.

Activewear for the Day-to-Day

If you love versatile clothing, then you’ll be all over this trend in athletic wear. Just as loungewear is transforming into clothing that can transition from the couch to the club, stylish activewear can now shift seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse – or from your cubicle to the course. Stock up on pieces of activewear that are polished enough to pass for office apparel. You can get double duty out of some chic pieces, which is all anyone really wants from their clothing.

Camo Chic

Camo print long sleeve top

A divisive activewear trend for 2022 is the appearance of camo patterned attire. Camo divides style camps on the regular, but when it comes to sportswear, it’s a whimsical print. It falls into the abundance of nature-inspired colors, fabrics, prints, and textiles that will be popular in the coming months, but it’s a fun way to go about your workout. Because it’s such a busy pattern, limit it to one article of athletic wear, such as your top, your leggings, your windbreaker, or your shoes.

Two Points for Texture

Texture features largely in the athletic wear trends for next year. You still want workout wear composed of breathable, lightweight fabrics, but don’t shy away from textured pieces. A subtle brocade can add some oomph to your sportswear. Waffled tops and leggings with lace insets fit with this trend, too.

No Sweat

Black sleeveless shirt

It’s no shock that lightweight activewear is on-trend, as well. Continue seeking out moisture-wicking materials as you shop for sportswear. Even in colder months, you can easily layer lighter pieces, allowing you to stay warm without drowning in sweat. Pay attention to the fabric whether you’re stocking up on activewear tops or bottoms.

You can find many of the hottest activewear trends for 2022 right here at GGblue. Tell us about which trends you’re most excited to try.