Athletic Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

Fall - the season of changing leaves, students going back to school…and the time to rededicate to your fitness goals. While you’re renewing your efforts to stay in shape, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best, so tap into this season’s must-have athletic wear. Fall fashion 2022 isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about functionality, so you can feel good while you look good. Read on and learn what you should look for when crafting your fall athletic outfits.

a woman wearing a pink matching athletic set

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

No discussion of fall fashion in 2022 is complete without acknowledging the top trend in town: moisture-wicking fabric. With temperatures on the rise and social calendars filling up, moisture-wicking athletic apparel is making a huge appearance this year. This special type of fabric allows you to move and play without feeling as wet from sweat. Moisture-wicking design allows the sweat to easily “wick” away, leaving your clothes and body dry and cool so you can keep your look effortless…even while expending plenty of effort in your athletic pursuits.

For the trendiest look possible, the best way to wear moisture-wicking fabric this season is with a matching top and bottom. But there are plenty of alternatives for staying in style this fall. You can wear a moisture-wicking design solely on the top with bottoms that you can wear outside of the playing field, or you can switch things up and wear the moisture wicking product on the bottom and a fitted t-shirt. Once you try moisture-wicking fall athletic outfits, you won’t want to go back!

Matching Sets

Fall fashion 2022 is all about the matching sets! Matching is a trend that brings a more fun, youthful approach to fall athletic outfits. Athletic wear that matches automatically makes you look put together, with an effortless grace that elevates a simple set into a chic effort.

For fall, you’ll see sets that come in warm colors, matching the rich outdoor hues of this season. You’ll also see athletic wear sets in neutral and soft color palettes like pastel pinks, nudes, and browns. You can always mix and match your sets if you want to wear one of the pieces with a different bottom for the day.

Flared Leggings

Fall into fall 2022 fashion with some trendy flared leggings! Flared leggings help you stay flexible, freeing up your leg space so you can really use your activewear for its intended purpose. Usually flared leggings will have a waistband that will fit snugly for comfort, style, and functionality.

Flared leggings typically allow an easier and fuller range of motion than other options, while still letting you look great in your leggings. Continuing with the fall fashion 2022 trend, you’ll see flared leggings in classic autumn solid pastel colors.

Ribbed and Cozy

Ribbed athletic fashion will be another trend that stays big this fall. After all, what screams fall more than a cozy, cute look? Ribbed items are always extra comfy, since they create a plush effect with that cozy look and feel. Some of the trendiest ribbed selections look more like loungewear for around the house, but in actuality, this activewear is primed and perfect for moving and playing sports

Bonus style tip: not all activewear has to be paired together. Fall fashion 2022 is all about trying new things! Because of the ribbed design, many of these cozy selections look dressier than traditional activewear is perceived. Often, ribbed tops can even be worn with jeans. Bet you can’t wait to try out that fall athletic outfit!

Cut-Out Necklines Let Sports Bras Shine

During the fall season, athletic trends for sports bras will see a double take, as the necklines start to change. You’ll start to see more cut-out or asymmetrical designs along the neckline of your activewear selections that stay at the stop of the style trends. Still keeping with functionality and fashion this fall, keep our previous tips in mind and look for sports bras with moisture-wicking technology.

For fall athletic outfits. that really look on trend, go with a cut-out neckline design that highlights a stylish and functional sports bra. Bonus points if your look also incorporates some of the other trends described above.

Outfit Your Fall with GGBlue

Moisture-wicking? Check. Matching sets? Check. Every activewear fall fashion 2022 trend will be easy to fulfill with the options here at GGblue. Browse our selections today to find your fit. We can’t wait to help you feel good while you look good this season!