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How to Keep Warm During Winter Workouts

Winter brings seasonal cheer and festive delicacies–which can make it hard to stay committed to your fitness goals. Waking up in the mornings is a struggle by itself, but the additional task of maintaining a workout routine makes it an uphill battle.

Playing sports like golf and tennis can help you to stay focused and reorient your fitness goals into a continuous routine, but one of the hardest parts is finding the right workout clothesfor cold weather.

Most of us face the difficult choice between warmth and mobility. But compromising on comfort is no longer an option, with specially engineered high tech fabrics now widely available. Having said that, there are still plenty of other ways to stay warm while choosing workout clothesfor cold weather.

7 Ways to Stay Warm During Winter Workouts

Layering is Key

The key to warmth in the winter is layering. By wearing long sleeved tops, you successfully trap heat, and can lock it in further under subsequent layers of clothes. Invest in good quality thermal inner wear if possible, and make sure your layers are on the thinner side to retain mobility when you’re playing sports or running. Thin layers are also easy to remove and store should you start to feel hot while exercising.

Winter Friendly Materials

When choosing clothes for a workout or a game, look for materials that are well-suited to cold weather. Polyester, wool, and nylon are your friends, among others. Since most of these materials are synthetically designed, such workout clothes can keep you warm and preserve body heat without the need for too many layers.

This makes them an ideal choice for winter, as you would prefer minimal layers while staying as warm as possible. Adding properly insulating outerwear on top of your inner layers of workout clothes is always important for colder weather to protect your body while you’re outdoors and exposed to the elements.

High Tech Fabrics

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High tech fabrics take winter friendly materials a notch higher. By combining body heat preservation with quick drying technology and moisture wicking properties, sportswear made from high tech fabrics is the perfect choice for your winter athletic wardrobe.

You can opt for long sleeved golf shirts and full legged bottoms without worrying about getting hot while playing your best. Rest assured that you’ll remain pleasantly dry while staying as warm as you need to be during early mornings out on the golf course.

Shield Your Extremities

Our extremities, fingers, feet, toes, ears, face, and nose, are the parts of our body that get cold the quickest. Owing to the fact that these parts get the least warmth when we’re out in cold weather, it’s important to choose warm weather gear for them in addition to workout clothes.

You can keep your extremities warm using gloves, woolen hats, thick socks, and other gear. Don’t let your extremities get too cold, as this can make you lose sensation in them.

Fleece Leggings

Fleece leggings and high quality riding pants are the perfect hack for winter morning workouts. If you don’t want to compromise on mobility, but find regular leggings insufficient for providing warmth, then fleece lined leggings will solve both needs in one go.

Get creative while choosing workout clothes for cold weather. As an example, you could try wearing pantyhose beneath your leggings for effortless layering that won’t make you look bulgy in the wrong places.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

The most important trick for keeping warm has nothing to do with workout clothes for cold weather. Eating a hearty breakfast is essential to keeping your body energized and warm while you’re exercising in cold weather.

Your internal temperature is affected strongly by how much energy your body has, no matter how many layers you have on. The best way to keep warm during a winter workout is not by simply wearing insulating clothes, but by ensuring your body has enough energy and fuel stored up within.

Warm Up Well

Last but not least, always warm up properly before you exercise. Our joints can easily lock up or get rigid in cold weather. For this reason, it’s important to wear stretchable workout clothes that permit movement.

By properly stretching your joints and loosening up your muscles, you’ll be able to avoid an injury while working out. If you skip a proper warm up before beginning your workout routine or sport, you risk seriously injuring yourself or those around you. Take your time to allow blood circulation towards all extremities before beginning your routine.

Ace Winter Workouts

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Acing a workoutforcold weather is simple if you choose the right clothes to keep warm, with combinations of layers and gear. Eating well and preparing your body for physical exertion is as important.

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