Valentines Day Gift Guide

With Valentine's day just around the corner, get your loved one a gift they will cherish and use daily from one of our GGblue collections. We’ve put together a list of the most perfect gifts for female athletes, ranging from skorts to puffer jackets to tops! 


First on our Valentine's day gift guide is Skorts.

If you think this an unfortunate typo, we understand your confusion but skorts are a real thing! They’re an amazing sportswear bottom that combines the look of a pretty little skirt with the functionality and comfort of shorts. You can’t get a better Valentine's day gift for a female athlete than a sophisticated and practical skort.

Woman wearing red Caddy skort

In sticking with the color theme of the Valentine's day gift guide, our gorgeous, red Caddy Skort is sure to turn heads on the course. This is not your standard skort. It’s front zippers and accordion pleats are unique details that will elevate any look. Pair with a white sleeveless blouse or a long sleeve shirt for a lovely, modern aesthetic.

Woman wearing flared zig zag sanna skort

Our next top pick is the flared Sanna Skort that also happens to be on the Valentine’s Day color theme. This retro pattern is a modern take on zig zag and is sure to make a statement whenever worn. If your loved one has a playful streak, this will definitely become their new favorite skort. We’d recommend pairing this gift with a solid coloured top like our Jane Polo to let this chic skort get all the attention.

Woman wearing pleated pink angel skort

The last skort in our Valentine’s day gift guide is a stunning, flowy piece with accordion pleats: the Angel Skort. It’s dusky rose tone is not only a romantic hue but also a trending color this season. 

At GGblue, we only use premium fabrics that are antimicrobial and moisture wicking, keeping one cool and dry while being active outdoors, which is quite a lovely gift for female athletes. Hence, this skort will make your loved one look elegant and stylish without compromising on practicality. 

Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets have made a major comeback over the last year. Our puffer jackets are specifically designed to flatter one’s body for a confidence-building outfit. Get your significant other one of our warm puffer jackets or vests, and maybe she won’t have to steal your coats anymore. 

Woman wearing black and red halley jacket

The first of the puffers on our Valentine's day gift guide is the Halley Jacket—an incredibly flattering, red and black puffer. What makes this design so special is the way the black paneling on the sides sinch in the waist, creating a beautiful, lean silhouette.

Woman wearing white puffer venus vest jacket

The Venus Vest is a classic, white puffer staple everyone needs in their wardrobe. If your valentine doesn’t already have an essential jacket, we’d highly recommend purchasing this one. The beauty of a timeless piece like this is that it can be paired with virtually anything sportswear. A thoughtful gift like this will definitely earn you brownie points with your loved one.


Gone are the days of shapeless sports polo tops. At GGBlue, we create chic and stylish pieces that can be worn both on and off the field. So, plan a golf date with your beloved and give one of these gifts for female athletes before you head out on the green!

Woman wearing red flutter sleeve harper top

This might be our favorite piece from this Valentine's Day gift guide. With dainty and fluttery sleeves in a vibrant, red shade, the Harper top is perfect for a romantic evening. Imagine your valentine wearing this for a match of tennis or a game of golf, followed by a wonderful dinner date—can Valentine’s Day get any better?

Woman wearing patterned red and white vest top

Last, but not the least, we have the sleeveless, zip-up, Tess Vest Top. This sophisticated top is for someone who loves exotic patterns and doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd. The Tess sleeveless top comes in a variety of different colors and elegant patterns for you to choose from. 

These are a few of our favorite pieces for the GGblue Valentine's Day gift guide. There are many sportswear gifts for female athletes to choose from when you shop GGblue. Not only will you find something chic, timeless, and classic, but you will enjoy cooling and sun protective fabrics for all your sporty adventures.