Woman golfing in warm golf clothes

What to Wear for Winter Golfing

Filling your cold-weather wardrobe with winter golf attire allows you to hit the links no matter how low the temperatures go. To those who don’t play, golf likely seems like a seasonal sport, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless the course is covered in ice or snow, playing in cold weather is bracing and refreshing. Winter golfing offers a wonderful way to be active in spite of the reading on the thermometer. Your golf cleats will provide you with more than enough traction and stylish, warm golf clothes from GGblue will protect you from the chill. If you’re not sure what to wear for winter golfing, then we have you covered – as always.

Waterproof Outerwear

Sporty fern green jacket

Those who love to golf in the winter remember the importance of wearing weather-appropriate outerwear. It’s best to look for waterproof outerwear, which will protect you from the elements if it begins to rain or snow while you play. Choose warm windbreakers, proper coats, and insulated vests, which can be worn on warmer days or used for layering. Winter golf attire offers a way to keep you warm and dry while enjoying a cool, brisk walk around the course. You’ll find trendy, weather appropriate golf attire when you shop at GGblue!

Long-Sleeve Layers

Moisture wicking long sleeve shirt

Long-sleeve layers are warm and comfortable during winter, especially for golf games. It’s extremely important to choose moisture-wicking tops, which can help to keep your temperature regulated while you play, since you’re simultaneously out in the cold air but sweating from exertion. Warm golf clothes will keep you cozy and dry, but if you get too hot, you can easily remove a layer to keep from overheating.

Plus a T-Shirt

It’s a good idea to wear something lighter beneath your long-sleeve top, such as a lightweight T-shirt for those times you may need to shed a layer or two. While choosing winter golf attire, keep in mind the importance of wearing well-fitted tees made of moisture-wicking fabric.

Waterproof Bottoms

Gray fitted pants

Warm, ultra-stretch trousers can protect you from the colder temperatures, as well as any rain or snow. They’ll also keep you dry if the golf course is soggy or snowy. As you pick out warm golf clothes for your winter games, remember that weather-resistant pants are a must-have for your game days.

Warm Accessories

Winter-ready accessories, such as knitted beanies, gloves that still allow you to grip the clubs, and scarves are always good to have on board. Not only will they protect you from the elements, but they will also keep you insulated and toasty on the course, which will be good for your game.

Select pieces of winter golf attire so that you can have fun with your hobby despite the weather. Come spring, your golfing partners will be stunned by how much you’ve polished your skills. Discover all the warm golf clothes you’ll need at GGblue.