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Why You Need Moisture Wicking Fabric

Nothing makes a good game turn sour more quickly than feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in your sportswear. Thankfully, moisture wicking clothing is here to help alleviate that concern, and keep you feeling good while you rock it out on the court.

Moisture wicking clothes are specially designed to dry your sweat faster and leave your body feeling cooler than before. Ordinarily, when we sweat while working out or playing sports, the moisture tends to get absorbed into our clothing.

The key to avoiding that discomfort of drenched sportswear and the following stickiness is in allowing the moisture to reach the outer surface of your clothing so it can evaporate from there. But how can this be achieved? There are a few scientific functions at play.

The Science Behind Moisture Wicking Fabric

In the case of natural materials like cotton, the fibers in the fabric tend to completely absorb liquids, including sweat. On the other hand, moisture wicking clothes are made of fibers that are specially designed to keep sweat from getting absorbed.

Instead of drenching the fabric, the sweat stays on the surface and the fibers serve as channels to transport the sweat to the outer layer of the clothing. The movement of liquids in such a way is due to ‘capillary action’. Once on the outside, the sweat can easily evaporate into the air, leaving you feeling dry and cool.

Different Kinds of Moisture Wicking Fabric

In case you’re wondering why most sportswear and moisture wicking clothes are made from synthetic materials, here’s why. To allow the successful transportation of sweat through its fibers, the fabric has to be resistant to the absorption of liquids. So, moisture wicking sportswear is made from materials that are designed to be hydrophobic. These include fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and merino wool.

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Who Should Wear Moisture Wicking Clothing?

We believe that wearing the right clothing can elevate your experience with playing sports, regardless of your proficiency and skill level. Whether you’re playing golf for the first time or know it like the back of your hand, we’ve got something for everyone.

While tennis outfits might appear cute, it’s an intense sport that calls for good gear and top quality, fast drying clothing. Even if you’re a beginner, moisture wicking fabric is helpful while learning the sport and testing your body’s limits. After all, it can be hard to focus on acing lessons and picking up new skills when you’re sticky and clammy all over.

Benefits of Moisture Wicking

Although it may seem like an unnecessary detail that can be overlooked, sportswear made from moisture wicking fabric can vastly improve your workout experience and even have dramatic outcomes for your health. Here are some of the most popular benefits to wearing moisture wicking sportswear:

Up to 5 Degrees Cooling

Yes, you heard that right. In general, any moisture wicking fabric will expedite the evaporation of sweat and leave your skin feeling cool and dry, even on a hot day, reducing your skin temperature by up to 5 degrees. Need we say more?

Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Support

As if feeling hot and bothered weren’t bad enough, working up a sweat can also lead to a host of other problems, such as body odor, clogged pores, and the build up of bacteria. While regular moisture wicking fabric can point you in the right direction to escaping these problems, GGblue is the final stop for all your antibacterial and antimicrobial sportswear solutions. 

High Functionality

The biggest benefit of wearing moisture wicking clothing on the golf course or tennis court is the high functionality that comes with free motion, and fluid materials that let your body breathe. You can rest assured that while you’re blazing ahead on the leaderboard, you’ll be the picture of poise and practicality. All you need to do is slip into your outfit and gear up for victory.

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Ace Every Game

At GGblue, our practical clothing is designed to keep your skin dry and cool through moisture wicking fabrics that marry style with sports – so that you never have to choose between comfort and looking great. We know that every game matters, which is why we aspire to create top-quality, everyday sportswear that is functional while being fashionable.

As an all-woman business, we understand the importance of creating chic pieces that allow fluid motion and let your skin breathe at every game. And winning is so much easier once you look the part. Contact us to learn more about our technical fabrics, and shop now to find your new favorite moisture wicking clothing!