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Total Freedom

Liberated from wetness by GGblue’s high-tech wicking fabric, your head stays in the game. GGblue tennis tank tops bring you total freedom to play with passion and focus. With nothing holding you back, your swing is freed to soar. 

Some of our tops also liberate you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Even bacteria have no power over you with some tops boasting antimicrobial properties.

Explore our collection of tennis sleeveless shirts, created in the knowledge that women have varying priorities. With the superior selection here at GGblue, we think you’ll discover your unique version of the total freedom you crave.

Woman in pink sleeveless tennis tank top
Woman in tennis sleeveless shirt

Woman to Woman

GGblue’s founder had a vision of creating fabulous sportswear, like tennis tank tops, for women who love to play. Today, her vision is GGblue, a company creating comfortable, fashion-forward sportswear made from tactile, high-tech fabric. 

Operated by a team of knowledgeable, passionate women, GGblue’s mission is to empower you to perform like a champion. Our luxe women’s sportswear tops rewards your physical exertion by being purpose-built to manage it comfortably and intelligently. And we know you want to look good playing the game you love, so all our collections are designed to enhance your sporty feist.

We invite you to browse GGblue’s thoughtfully designed collections, in addition to our tennis sleeveless shirts. We design with sportswomen, like you, top of mind.