Learn about sportswear fashion trends

Top 2020 Trends in Sportswear

Learn about sportswear fashion trends

Every year, sportswear fashion becomes a little more popular. Whether you’re heading to the gym or being active on your weekend, you can do so in style with the latest sportswear trends in 2020. Learn about the top trends for this year and make sure your wardrobe showcases your favorite new trends.

Patterns are Popular

Why keep your clothing simple when you can have an eye-catching design? This year, be ready to see lots of bold patterns in sportswear fashion. Geometric designs are popular and could really attract attention.

For instance, this Georgia Cooling Shirt features a unique pattern that won’t go unnoticed. The popularity of patterns means that you don’t need to be afraid to go brighter or bolder. The butterfly pattern is particularly fashionable.

Fabrics are More Functional Than Ever

You can walk into almost any store and find a section of athleticwear. But you won’t always find athletic fashion that’s as functional as it is fashionable. Instead of just making clothing that looks good, some companies have shifted focus to design sportswear fashion that is both functional and stylish.

Creating functional athletic wear is accomplished through a number of technical properties that make it easy and comfortable to play any sport. Designing fabric that is comfortable and stretches easily as you move is essential to keep you playing at the top of your game. Moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry in the warmest of weather. Antimicrobial properties prevents bacteria from growing on your clothes.

Some fabrics even come with built-in UV protection. For example, a tank top could come with SPF protection of over 50. By giving you an extra layer of protection, your clothing does so much more than just look good. Functionality is one of the most important sportswear fashion trends around today.

Other Sportswear Trends

There are several other key athleticwear trends to be aware of in 2020. As you shop for sportswear, you might notice that athletic clothing is available in more variety. There’s a push for athleisure clothing, and this means that dresses and skorts are popular fitness clothing options. While you might not wear it to the gym, you could wear it while you’re out on the town.

Athleisure clothing is versatile, allowing you to be comfortable and look great. With so many more types of sportswear fashion available, you can take your fitness-inspired apparel anywhere.

Golf Clothing for Women is More Popular Than Ever

More sportswear fashion trends

For years, golf was a sport played primarily by men. It just didn’t appeal to many women, which meant that sportswear for women wasn’t widely available.

Recently, things have changed. In the UK, there have been many changes to make the sport more available and appealing to women. The U.S has followed suit, and now there are more women on the green. As the sport’s popularity grows, fashion brands are beginning to notice, and many new options are becoming available for women’s golf clothing. You can find golf vests, skorts, and polos in sportswear fashion. You don’t need to limit your golf attire to a few boring polos.

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