orange and black ladies’ golf outfit

Our Favorite Ladies’ Golf Outfits

orange and black ladies’ golf outfit

At GGblue, we strive to create high-quality, fashion-forward clothing to empower female athletes to perform their best. That’s why we’ve dug deep into our collections to bring you our favorite female golf outfits, so you can choose the look (or looks!) that reflect your personality while helping you putt your ideal game. Check out our top picks!

Grace Collection

If you love light, springtime colors paired with floral accents, our Grace collection is for you. Our Katy top in lilac pairs perfectly with our fun bunker shorts for a look that’s feminine and designed to keep your head in the game.

The shorts are antimicrobial with moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you cool and dry on the course. Plus, they come with built-in SPF 50 sun protection so you don’t have to worry about rays damaging your lovely legs.

This ladies’ golf outfit is bright yet understated, flirty yet serious. It’s a unique, eye-catching blend of triangle pattern bottoms with a matte top that balance each other perfectly.

Carly Collection

layered blue and white female golf outfit

Inspired by our very own Carly Booth, the Carly collection is for women who prefer a bolder, more dramatic look to stand out against the green.

For a put-together vibe that isn’t too matchy-matchy, pair our dramatically layered Yaya skort with our multicolored Carly top. The skort, with its layered colors starting with dark navy and ending with bright white, provide a focal point for this ladies’ golf outfit. It’s also moisture-wicking with SPF sun protection so you can play all 18 holes safely.

Couple this fashionable skort with our Carly top and pull the entire ensemble together. The top’s bright white torso coloring lets the skort shine, while the navy shoulder pieces add the sophisticated matching aspect that will get you noticed. Don’t let this female golf outfit pass you by!

Divine Collection

Perhaps you’re a golfer who prefers to keep things elegant—our Divine collection has you covered. Subtle pastels set off with sparkles of charcoal mean these ladies’ golf outfits are sleek and polished.

Take our Micah dress. This single piece makes a statement all its own! A collared, sleeveless dress that comes with pockets and separate undershorts in a delicate, petaled pattern will make you the talk of the green. Consider pairing it with a basic white vest to stay warm while you let the dress do all the talking.

Or, if you prefer a slightly flirtier vibe, our fringe skort is the way to go. Remaining elegant yet fun, this lightweight skort has a knit waistband and pairs exceptionally well with a melon-colored top. This is sure to become your new go-to ladies’ golf outfit.

Fierce Collection

geometric ladies’ golf outfit

Celebrate spring with bold colors and prints in our Fierce Collection! To make a statement, wear our bright orchid sleeveless collared top. No one will be able to miss you, no matter where you are on the course. Pair it with a simple pair of black shorts to keep the focus where it belongs.

Or, if you’re more of a pattern woman, our Ivan Power top has the geometric designs you’re looking for. This bold print has a mock collar, long sleeves, and meets the 1.5” country club minimum, so you’ll be ready to golf no matter where you play. Wear it over a pair of white pants for a tasteful yet fierce look.

Most of our dramatic patterns also come in bottoms, so if you want your lower half to be the focus of your ladies’ golf outfit, you can make that happen. Don’t forget your vest for warmth and comfort.

Power Collection

Similar to our Fierce offerings, yet featuring navy and orange patterns, our Power collection is perfect for you if you want to add some oomph to your swing. These female golf outfits are sure to boost your confidence and maybe even improve your score!

Take our bright orange Yaya skort, for example. This layered, antimicrobial offering comes complete with sun protection and will be an eye-catching focal point for your ladies’ golf outfit. Wear it with our navy Holly tee to balance the brightness, while keeping the orange accent color throughout.

Pulse Collection

If your favorite color is purple, look no further than our Pulse collection. This sophisticated, royal color takes center stage on these pieces, paired with a vibrant yellow.

plum female golf outfit

Our plum Selina sleeveless collar top is the perfect way to draw the eye and works well with practically any hair color. Wear it with our butterfly patterned caddy skort for a flirty look that brings the plum with it. The accordion pleats are perhaps our favorite part of this ladies’ golf outfit.

Or perhaps you’d like a one-stop-shop option? Our Nova dress combines the top/skort look into one seamless ensemble. Solid panels of bright plum frame the butterfly patterned centerpiece for a slimming, sleek look that’s sure to delight you.

Prowl Collection

Splashes of jade take center stage in this collection. Our favorite piece just might be our layered flounce skort. This pull-on skort has a tummy control waistband and a fun strip of mesh that gently splits the jade triangle pattern. Pair it with a plain black tee so it stands out as it should.

Or, to draw attention to your upper half, try out our Holly sleeveless collar top. This color block design uses light lines of jade to set off the darker dot filler, creating an eye-catching visual that you can pair with either dramatic jade bottoms or a more subdued, white skort. However you put together a Prowl ladies’ golf outfit, you’re going to look fabulous.

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If you’ve got questions on how to put together your new favorite female golf outfit, reach out! We’d love to hear from you. Until then, happy putting! Browse all our collections at GGblue to find your new favorite pieces.