a woman working from home at a desk with a laptop

Quarantine Fashion: Stay in Style at Home With Golfing Outfits

a woman working from home at a desk with a laptop

Our plans for the day dictate how we dress. Going to the office, running errands, or meeting friends for dinner all call for different outfits and levels of formality. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything about daily life changed — especially the notion of going out.

Getting dressed up for a work or social event that takes place from our couch seems silly. Let’s be realistic — most people aren’t going to put on a nice suit while they send emails from their couch day after day. Instead, many began living in their comfiest yoga pants and sweatshirts. Activewear sales skyrocketed in 2020, as people need more fashion options for work, socializing, and exercising.

Every golfer knows when you’re on the course for 5 hours, you want to be as comfortable as possible. The same thing applies to suddenly being stuck in our homes 24/7. Golfing outfits offer some of the best athleisure fashion because they combine classic style with practicality and comfort.

Golfing Outfits are Cool Now

Golfing outfits have changed over the past few years, in large part due to the activewear boom that has taken place. 20 years ago, golf clothing might have been largely confined to the country club. Today, the style has been popularized by the fashion industry and can be found almost anywhere. While the traditional aspects of the clothing have remained the same, there has definitely been a shift towards a more casual, body-conscious version of things.

The stiff polo shirts and wool pleated pants from the ’70s and ’80s have thankfully been modernized. These days, you can find uniquely patterned shirts, pants, or skorts in breathable, functional fabrics that are designed to move with your body.

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Quarantine Fashion

At-home fashion wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous a year or two ago. No one really thought too hard about what they wore in the comfort of their own homes, because there wasn’t much happening on their couch. Now that our whole lives are taking place inside of our homes, how we dress matters. Most people want the comfort of wearing sweatpants every day, without looking and feeling so sloppy.

That’s where athleisure fashion comes in. We were all searching for the same thing — structured but stretchy options for everyday wear that look great and feel even better. Golfing outfits are the perfect solution. They combine a classic, tailored look with the comfort and functionality we need for a long WFH day.

Stay Comfortable and Cool at Home

People want more from their golfing outfits. As golf courses and other outdoor sports become available again, they want to wear something that protects them and keeps them comfortable for hours in the sun. That’s why most GGblue clothing items are made with UPF 35+ to minimize sun damage, as well as moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool.

The same things that were designed for outdoor comfort apply to indoor comfort. Being stuck inside doesn’t mean we don’t want to look and feel great. Golfing outfits are the comfortable but stylish solution to today’s quarantine fashion.