woman working out outdoors

How to Beat Your Fitness Plateaus

There was a time not so long ago when you loved working out. It was fun, you were seeing results, and it didn’t feel forced. But now, it doesn’t feel as productive and enjoyable. You’ve hit a plateau.

But that’s okay! There’s a way to beat this. Let’s take a look at 5 simple ways you can break your fitness plateau with workouts and methods.

Take a Break Before Trying Plateau-Breaking Workouts

We know that you may have your eyebrow raised right now, but please hear us out. Training for too hard and too long can cause you to hit a fitness plateau when you least expect it. Your body, muscles, and mind may have gotten used to your current routine

Overtraining can put your body under a lot of dress. Rest for a few days and allow your body to recover physically and mentally, even if you feel like you don’t need it. Taking a break will allow your body to recharge and reset, so you can come back well-rested, stronger, and more prepared. 

Change Your Normal Routine

A big part of an effective workout plan is changing your routine. Plateau-breaking workouts can be any workout that allows you to change things up. Muscles quickly adapt to routine exercises. Varying the intensity of your exercises can help in the short term, but ultimately, varying your entire exercise routine often is more important in the long term. 

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Switch up your routine between using your usual machines, resistance bands, or weights. Try new equipment that you’ve never even given a second thought. Maybe even try not using any equipment at all for a few exercises. Experiment and try new things to get out of the rut.

Change Your Scenery

Sometimes your plateau breaking workout is more of a mental workout than a physical one. If you take the same route for your daily run, try running another way.

Woman working out outdoors

If you typically workout indoors, head outdoors instead. While you’re exercising, you’re physically stimulating your body, but it’s also important to stimulate your mind as well.

Make Things More Intense

You may hit a fitness plateau because your body is looking for more of a challenge. Slowly making your workout routine more intense makes your workout plan effective. Challenge yourself to complete more exercises in a shorter amount of time. Increase weights and the number of reps you do in small increments. Safely push yourself while during your favorite exercises as a plateau-breaking workout. 

Be Mindful of Your Nutrition 

Even while practicing an intense workout routine, don’t take the importance of your nutrition for granted. Your food is your fuel. Ensure that you are getting proper amounts of food from all of the food groups. Do research and connect with a nutritionist to find out which diet will work best for you and what you’re trying to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with cheat days but always make sure you have a healthy balance!

Fitness routines are hard to keep up, and plateaus can be especially frustrating. However, if you follow these steps, we’re sure you’ll be able to break through that plateau and keep seeing all-new results. Looking for more lifestyle insights? Learn more with each post we put up!