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Hampton Skort - Mod Gingham

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The Hampton Skort is a classic black and white plaid skirt that is perfect for a sunny day on the golf course or the tennis court. With four pockets, you can keep your essential items on your body as you stay active. The knit undershorts also keep you secure, while the back slit up the skirt allows for better range of motion.

At GGblue, we only use premium fabric that is anti-microbial and moisture wicking, keeping you cool and dry while being active outdoors. Essentially, this plaid skort is an elegant and stylish outfit without compromising practicality. 


  • Dimensions: 14.5" wide x 11" deep x 11" tall
  • Knit undershorts to keep you secure
  • Back slit for better range of motion
  • Premium quality flat-front weave
  • Material: Polyester/Spandex
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry
  • UPF 30+ finish to protect you from the sun
  • Two front side pockets
  • Two back welt pockets
  • Hidden front button closure

Our black and white plaid skirt looks best when paired with a bright colored top or a plain, light coloured top. Whether you want to be bold and vibrant or classic and clean, the plaid skort's mod gingham print always makes a statement. 

One of the key features of our clothing is the fabric we use, which has Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 30+ to shield you from harmful sun rays. Only using sunscreen isn't enough to protect you when you're active in the sun for several hours. This protective feature—paired with the material's anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties—makes this the perfect black and white plaid skirt for your sportswear collection.