woman drinking bottle at lake

Healthy Skin Care for Active Lifestyles

 woman drinking bottle at lake

When we think of keeping up with a healthy, active lifestyle, we tend to talk about muscle gain or weight loss. We often forget to think about our skin! Despite the fact that it’s the largest organ in our body, we don’t discuss how to take care of it nearly as much as we should. Healthy skin care is a key aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Here at GGblue, we are committed to supporting your active lifestyle and helping you to take good care of your body to keep you fit and doing the sports you love.

Care For Your Whole Self

We live in a crazy world where we are responsible for so many things. It can be easy to focus on one part of healthcare and neglect others. Active lifestyles require a lot of work at self-care. Athletes understand this balance. Healthy skin care for athletes can look quite different from skin care for many other groups, like college students or office workers, for example. There are many ways to provide yourself with healthy skin care. Let’s look at just a few:

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Hydrate: The most important skin care regimen anyone can do is to keep themselves hydrated. Whether you’re doing errands around town or running a marathon, hydration is crucial. Water is what keeps us going. Moisturizing is common in normal skin care routines, but it’s extra important for active women. Drink plenty of water all day long - especially during times of high activity. Make sure to eat healthy meals, too! And use a trusted moisturizer every day to keep your skin bouncy and healthy.

Protect Against the Sun: Athletes will tell you this firsthand: sunscreen is essential! We’ve been told to wear protection from the sun since we were children, but it is just as important for adults. There are plenty of healthy skin care options that include SPF and UV protection. These types of products generally provide moisturizing lotion as well. When selecting workout clothes, keep a special eye out for technical fabrics that offer SPF protection. Many of our tops and bottoms contain special properties that protect your skin from the sun.

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Natural is Best: While makeup is a fun and pretty technique that we like to use as women, it is terrible for working out or high-energy activities. Healthy skin care can absolutely include makeup, but it should be maintained well. Try removing all makeup with a sensitive wipe and avoid rubbing too vigorously before you start your activity. This is an especially important step for skin care for athletes. Then, post-game or workout, you can apply a post-sweat clearing mask or purifying face cleanser to keep those pores free and clear.

Looking Out For You

Here at GGblue, we are looking out for you and what will serve your body best. Stay fashion-forward with our essentials collection! Look and feel good, all season long. Shop our amazing activewear today!