snow falling over a foggy, wooded lake

How to Change Your Skin Care in Winter

snow falling over a foggy, wooded lake

Winter is great for so many reasons: the holidays, snowball fights, hot chocolate by the fire. There’s just one thing: it can be terrible for your skin. It’s easy for skin to crack, break, and even discolor under harsh weather conditions. Luckily, there are lots of ways to update your skin care in winter to better care for your skin. Here at GGblue, we’ve created a list of winter skincare tips that will make a huge difference. Check it out!

Keep Your Skin Healthy Year-Round

As golfers, we don’t always love winter because it’s the offseason. There’s nothing good about not being out on the green every weekend (except maybe the killer sales!). It’s especially hard on your skin. So what should your winter skincare routine actually look like? Let’s find out:

Hydrate: Hydration is so important for all aspects of your wellbeing, but it’s especially crucial for your skin care in winter. We don’t always feel like we need to drink as much water in the wintertime because we’re not sweating as much or using the same amount of energy. But we need to make sure we’re drinking plenty of water to keep our skin healthy.

a girl wearing earmuffs blowing snow out of her mittens

Moisturize: Lotion should be your best friend in the cold months. Moisturize everything from top to bottom. Carry hand lotion in your purse and stash a bottle in your desk at work. It’s especially important to keep your hands moisturized with all of our hand sanitizer use. Try to find a good face cream to add to your nighttime winter skincare routine. Your skin will thank you!

Use Sunscreen (yes, really): If you’re still outdoors, even in winter, please use sunscreen for your skin care in winter! You can burn even when it’s chilly out, particularly if there’s snow on the ground. Snow actually reflects sunlight back up at us, meaning that some of the most direct UV rays could hit us in winter.

Eat Well: This might be a no-brainer, but many people neglect it! Cold weather often means comfort food, which is yummy but not always nutritious. What you eat affects the health of your skin. Eating junk food will only make you break out. But maintaining a well-balanced diet not only keeps your body in check but your biggest organ too: your skin!

Look Good and Feel Good

Skin care in winter is very important. We hope these winter skincare tips help you protect your skin from the cold. At GGblue, your health is just as important to us as your style! Read our blog for more helpful lifestyle tips, and look and feel your best in our everyday essentials all year long.