woman with moisturizer on face

Skincare Routine Order to Protect Your Skin Against the Elements

woman with moisturizer on face

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through the internet for healthy skin care tips only to find yourself overwhelmed and then just give up? We get it! That’s why GGblue has created this helpful blog to make your daily routine that much easier. And that’s the key: keeping to a routine! Just like in golf, practice makes perfect. So if you stick to it, you will be sure to see amazing results. Keep reading to find a great skincare routine order to protect your skin against the elements in any season.

Stick to It

Skincare routines only work when they are implemented on a strict schedule. And this is especially important when the weather works against you. If you are out on the green in the middle of summer or stuck in the rainy season, your skin needs to be prepared. Check out these skincare routine steps now!

1. Wash Your Face: The first step to any skincare regimen is to wash your face. It’s important to remove all of the dirt and dead skin from your face. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser is the perfect start to your routine, like preparing an easel for a new painting.

2. Apply Toner: Applying toner is basically the in-between, double-check step in your skincare routine order. While some toners are alcohol-based, most modern options are water-based. With just a drop or two of toner, you can make sure you get every last piece of dirt you might have missed during the washing stage.

woman spraying face in mirror

3. Apply Serum: This is a crucial skincare routine step! Serum helps nourish your skin, providing it with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. There are many different kinds that target a variety of skincare needs, like hydration or brightening. Serums make great additions to your skincare routine order because they lock in moisture and keep you fresh!

4. Moisturize: Keeping your skin hydrated is so important! Just as you need to drink water to keep your bodies hydrated, your skin needs moisture, too. Moisturizing creams can be found just about anywhere and vary in price. When used daily, they will help your skin stay plump and healthy. You won’t have to worry about dry, uncomfortable skin; instead, you’ll appreciate how smooth your skin is!

5. Sunscreen: Our last skincare routine step is to protect your skin against the sun! While our women’s sun protection clothing works wonderfully when you’re out on the green, you’re going to need sunscreen on anything that isn’t covered. No matter what season or how hot it seems outside, the sun’s UV rays can still get through!

Look and Feel Good

Fine-tune your skincare routine order and make sure to stick to it to see optimal results! And be patient; you may not notice a change overnight, but it’ll be so worth it long-term. Keep following the GGblue blog for more helpful tips!