woman outside wrapped up for winter

Mental Health Wellness Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

woman outside wrapped up for winter

Many people find that they suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Colder weather and shorter days limit your time outside and keep you away from the sunshine that elevates your mood. You might be losing motivation to do your regular activities in favor of snuggling up in bed or in front of the TV all day. If you’re worried about your mental health during those darker months of the year, explore our top tips for beating the winter blues.

1.Find Ways to Exercise

Exercise is important year-round, but it’s even more essential during winter. Elevating your heart rate encourages your brain to release those all-important hormones that regulate your emotions. Getting outside for a brisk walk or a couple of hours on the course will flood your brain with endorphins to boost your mood and ensure you’re beating the winter blues.

When you force yourself to exercise outside, you can also make an effort to spruce up your appearance for added motivation. Throw on a cute workout top and some chic pants, and it could completely change your day!

2.Treat Yourself

a woman meditating in a cross-legged position

We’re not talking about hot chocolate and a brownie dessert here. We’re talking about pampering your mind and body with healthy choices. Check out that new yoga studio in town for a little extra meditation or buy yourself that stylish golf dress to encourage yourself to head out to the green. Beating the winter blues is about finding things that make you happy without encouraging yourself to laze about.

3.Try Light Therapy

If you just can’t seem to get yourself up and going, light therapy could be the mental health and wellness tip that makes a big difference. Light therapy uses a special fluorescent bulb that mimics daylight to trick your brain into releasing those hormones that affect your mood. Set up your light therapy box by your bed, in your bathroom, or in the kitchen to make it easier to use first thing in the morning. You should use this therapy right when you wake up for about 20-30 minutes to increase the chances of beating the winter blues.

4.Eat Healthily

oatmeal and fruit bowl

Cold weather is a temptress that makes you want to eat all the comfort foods of your youth. Gooey mac and cheese, morning waffles, and spaghetti and meatballs may make you feel better — but it’s just for the moment. Keep yourself on a healthy diet to avoid the winter weight gain that may affect you mentally for the rest of the year, too! It’s fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that decrease the risk of SAD and help you beat the winter blues.

5.Get Enough Sleep

This is one mental health and wellness tip that helps cure all ills. Getting enough sleep allows your body to heal, encourages proper brain function, and helps you set a routine. Waking up with the sun is much better for your mood than you think! Get those eight hours of sleep and discover the difference that comes from being refreshed and rested.

Ready to beat up those winter blues? Add these tips to your list of things to try!